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Book of Songs of Solomon


Authorship and Origin:

Solomon is named in the book itself as the author in version 1:1. This would be around 970 - 930 B.C..

Overview and Significant sections

This is a very unique book in the Old Testament, and it makes no direct theological statements, although some believe some may be implied or allegorical. It speaks of the love between a man (the lover) and a women (the beloved). It was probably put in the Hebrew canon because it's author was Solomon, and was frequently read during the Passover. There is a great debate over how to understand or interpret this book. Some see it as allegorical to God's relationship to Israel. Later Christian interpreters applied it to the relationship between Christ and the Church. There is however no objective way of interpreting the literal meanings of these words. Another approach is to view the book as a celebration of love as God intended it to be experienced between a man and a women. To others it is just a collection of love poems. It was probably written by Solomon while traveling in Israel's northern villages to a local village girl, whom he later comes back to and carries to Jerusalem to be one of his wives.

Significant sections:

  • The bride longs for her bridegroom and then, they meet. 1:1-2:7
  • Their love grows - they praise each other using analogies from nature. 2:8-3:11
  • The lover comes and praises the bride. 5:2-6:3
  • The lover returns, they are together, happy. 6:4-8:14

For more detailed study:
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