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Book of Joshua


Authorship and Origin:

Joshua tells the story of Moses' successor, Joshua, son of Nun, as leader of the Israelites, and narrates the conquest of Canaan and the division of the country among the twelve tribes of Israel. The author of Joshua is unknown, but whomever it was, they speak as an eyewitness of the events described. Some scholars have suggested that the author may have been Phinehas, son and successor of the high priest at Joshua's time. Also, Phinehas is the last individual mentioned in the book and was a prominent leader at the time. The events recorded in the book happened after the Exodus, and other events in the previous books of Moses. Although it is uncertain, the best estimate of the time when Joshua led the people across the Jordan, is in the spring of 1406 B.C..

Overview and Significant sections

This book is a historical narrative and like other Old Testament books, material is presented to fit the author's theme. Joshua was recognized early as a military leader under Moses, and may have even served in the Egyptian army as an officer. Military rolls of the Egyptians show the officers frequently included multiple nationalities. Josephus, the first century Jewish historian, recorded a tradition that Joshua once led the Egyptian army against the Ethiopians. Joshua was one of only two adults who lived to leave Egypt and later enter Canaan (the promised land). (Caleb was the other). He won this privilege by his faithfulness to the Lord. Joshua showed himself to be a brilliant military leader, and set an example of obedience to the Lord during his lifetime of 110 years.

Canaan, the promised land, held mixed peoples who were warlike, and in some ways more advanced than the Israelites. The cities were strong and in most cases surrounded by walls, which made the conquest of Canaan difficult. We can learn much from Joshua's example today.

Significant sections:

  • The new commander prepared - Joshua 1:1-1:18
  • Israel prepared to move in.(Rahab and the spies, crossing the Jordan) 2:1-5:12
  • The Central Campaign (Jericho (the walls came a tumblin..) 5:13-9:27
  • The Northern and Southern Campaigns 10:1-12:24
  • The Land Divided 13:1-24:31

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