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Book of Deuteronomy


Authorship and Origin:

Deuteronomy is the fifth of the five Old Testament books ascribed to Moses. It completes what is commonly called the 'Pentateuch', and finishes what Jewish people call the Law of Moses. See Exodus for information on the origin and date of this work. This book is frequently referred to as 'The Book of Covenant Life'.

Overview and Significant sections

The book contains three sermons by Moses to Israel, preached by Moses while the Israelites were on the plains east of the Jordan river, just opposite the Promised Land. This takes place after the exodus from Egypt, after the giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai, and after the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. The Israelites are now ready to enter the promised land of Canaan. For their new life in the promised land, God wants Israel to choose a life of obediance to the Law. A new emphasis is placed on relationship; that is relationship with God through the covenant of the law. The Law is to be practiced based on this relationship, rather than just a series of rules that must be followed. This important lesson is very valuable to us today. God has established a relationship, and we are to acknowledge and live by it. Because this is a reemphasis of the law, much of the material parallels the information in Exodus. But Deut. goes further in it's exhortation of the Law to include application, again something from which we can learn today.

Significant sections:

  • Sermon 1: What God has done for us.
  • Sermon 2: Life under the Covenant of the Law
  • Sermon 3: A Call for Committment
  • The last days of Moses 31:1-34:12

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