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Book of 1 Timothy


Authorship and Origin:

'Pastor to Pastor' - That's what this letter, as well as II Timothy and Titus are. Letters from Paul to church leaders on issues of the day. These letters were from Paul to church leaders addressing problems such as how to deal with heresies, conduct befitting church leaders, and doctrinal issues. Heresies began to appear in some of the early churches such as Gnosticism and Docetism. Paul warns against these teaches, and requests that all adhere to the true faith. If this letter was not entirely written by Paul, certainly many passages were although it may have been compiled and edited later. Written probably around 63 A.D. to 67 A.D., Paul was probably in prison or just recently released from a Roman prison and in Macedonia.

Overview and Significant sections

The purpose of the letter was clearly to address various issues developing in these early churches. They are written to the pastors of the churches, likely presented by the pastors to the church body also. They were also written to encourage the churches during times of oppression and martyrdom.

Significant sections:

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