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Book of Amos


Authorship and Origin:

Amos was a simple shepherd sent by God to denounce the social and economic sins of Israel at a time when they were in great prosperity. Amos exposed injustice and announced God's judgement on the people. Amos lived during the reign of Jeroboam II (king of Israel), and King Uzziah (of Judah), so Amos probably started his mission about 760 B.C..

Overview and Significant sections

Amos is an important book still for today. We must also be concerned for justice and holiness and care for the poor and oppressed. We are easily caughtup in the pursuit of wealth and luxury as were the people of that time. Amos calls us to remember God's way.

Significant sections:

  • Judgement on Transgressors, the sins of the wealthy. 1:1-2:16
  • Sermons, Judgment plans revealed. 3:1-6:14
  • Visions of warning, locusts, fire, fruit - ripe for judgement! 7:1-9:10
  • Ultimate blessing and a new kingdom. 9:11-9:15

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