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Book of 1 Peter


Authorship and Origin:

The book says that it is from Peter the apostle. Some scholars however, do not accept this as fact, but think that perhaps it was dictated by Peter and Sylvanus to a scribe, due to it's excellent use of Greek. But it also refers to various persecutions, which depending upon interpretation, may not have taken place until after Peter's death in 64 A.D.. Therefore perhaps it was written from the church at Rome (Peter's church) in Peter's name, much as James may have been written from the church at Jerusalem in James name. If the letter is truly from Peter, then it cannot have been written beyond 64 A.D.. However if the persecutions described refer to Trajan's rule, then the date would be closer to 111 A.D.. Either way, the letter is a favorite of the church, and deals with issues the Christians of Asia Minor were facing.

Overview and Significant sections

The letter provides encouragement while enduring persecution, reminds the readers of the return of Christ, and provides some liturgical instruction. References are made to the practice of baptism and Holy Communion. It also contains hymns of encouragement. Finally it contains instructions on Christian conduct and theology.
NOTE: Babylon mentioned frequently very probably refers to Rome. It was a way of talking about the goverment at the time of the letter while under persecution.

Significant sections:

  • Greetings and Praise: 1:1-9
  • A Living Hope from the Prophets to the Gospel: 1:10-25
  • New Life in Christ 2:1-12
  • Christian Relationships - Home, Business, Governments 2:13-3:17
  • Christ as the Savior 3:18-4:19
  • Closing Instructions: 5:1-14

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