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Book of 2 Peter


Authorship and Origin:

This letter, like I Peter, bears the name of the apostle. But most scholars (even from early times) believe that it was written in the name of Peter, a frequent practice of the time, perhaps from the church in Rome. Based on the letter's use of verses from Jude, and heresies mentioned, it was probably written around 125 to 150 A.D.. It may have been the last book written that made it into the New Testament.

Overview and Significant sections

This letter addresses various 'twists' that have developed in the Christian community. The author stresses sticking to the orthodox faith of the apostles, moral excellence, and the rejection of false teachings which were leading to false conduct.

Significant sections:

  • Called to a Godly life: 1:1-11
  • Important things to remember about Christianity: 1:12-21
  • Hindrances to Christians 2:1-3:13
  • Closing Admonitions: 3:14-18

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