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Book of Galatians


Authorship and Origin:

Written by Paul to the various churches in the province of Galatia which he founded on a missionary tour (Acts 13-14 and 15-18). The exact date of the writing is not certain and could be anywhere from 48 to 62 A.D.. The problem is to which churches in Galatia was he writing? Some say these churches were Lystra, Antioch, Derbe, and Iconium, but Paul made several missionary journies to this area, so it could be others.

Overview and Significant sections

The letter reflects troubles between various groups. Some were called Judaizers, pulled authoritative support from Peter and the apostles, believed in the law, circumcision, and works. Paul had established though that these activities were of lesser importance as Christians were liberated from these practices. What is required is faith in Jesus, repentance, trust in God, and a life of freedom. Therefore all people are included and can seek 'the Way'.

Significant sections:

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