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Book of Jeremiah


Authorship and Origin:

Jeremiah spent time gathering a collection of his oracles which was sometime later destroyed. He then encouraged a friend (Baruch) to regather them, as an enlarged collection. This collection (this book) however was organized by subject and does not have a coherent sequential order. Rather it contains various sayings, poems, prayers, oracles, hymns, proverbs, and other stories. These come from the time of Jeremiah's ministry, which was from around 640 B.C. Jeremiah produced his first collection about 605 B.C., which was destroyed by the king (36:9-26), and then rewritten and collected over the next 20 years.

Overview and Significant sections

Jeremiah is frequently called the 'weeping prophet', because of all the troubles he endured and saw happen to his homeland and people. Jeremiah was born during the rule of Manasseh (one of the worse kings of the time). Later during the reign of Josiah, Jeremiah was called to be a prophet by God. After Josiah (who was a good king), there were many evil kings. The dominant theme of this book is prophecies and judgements against the nation's sinfulness.

Significant sections:

  • Jeremiah's mission and call, Judah's sin, 1:1-10:25
  • The Broken Covenant, sins of the people, Jeremiah is alone. 'The Potter' 11:1-20:18
  • Judgment is coming! 21:1-29:32
  • New Covenant promises: restoration, righteousness... 30:1-39:18
  • Jerusalem falls, flight to Egypt of the remnant. 40:1-51:64
  • Appendix - another description of the fall of Jerusalem. 52:1-52:34

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