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Book of Nahum


Authorship and Origin:

The author is identified as Nahum by the book itself. He is said to be from the village of Elkosh, both otherwise we know nothing about the man. We do now that he writes these verses after the fall of Thebes to the Assyrians about 663 B.C.. Ninevah the capital, is mighty and the people of Judah are subjects to the Assyrian empire.

Overview and Significant sections

Nahum's words are intended to be comfort to the people of Judah as he describes the destruction of Ninevah, and the enemy. The theme is God's judgement on Assyria. The book of Isaiah also speaks of this in many places. We can learn from this book that God is slow to anger, but will not leave the guilty unpunished forever. For God's people however, "God is good, a refuge in times of trouble".

Significant sections:

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