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Book of Micah


Authorship and Origin:

Micah identifies the time of his prophetic calling as being during the "reign of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah". This would place him from 742 B.C. until 687 B.C.. Micah was a prophet in the southern kingdom, called Judah. Other prophets of the time were Isaiah and Hosea. Micah, like Amos, was very concerned with justice. He preaches against the wandering ways of Judah and Israel, and promises blessing if there will be spiritual renewal.

Overview and Significant sections

Micah and Isaiah (the books) are similar in many ways. Each prophet spoke to the same generation, and had similar messages of current sin, the need for repentance, and the promise of renewal. That same promise can be true for us today.

Significant sections:

  • Judgement pronounced, disaster is coming, Israel's leader's rebuked. 1:1-3:12
  • Blessing, a new temple is coming, and a ruler from Bethlehem. 4:1-5:15
  • Israel, from sin to salvation, from misery to blessing. 6:1-7:20

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