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Book of Jonah


Authorship and Origin:

The first verse of this book states that Jonah, was the son of Amittai, who is mentioned in 2 Kings. Jonah lived before and in the early days of king Jeroboam II. This book, was probably written by Jonah about 760 B.C.. Most scholars treat the story of Jonah as fact, including Christ who mentions him in Matt 12:39 and Luke 11:29.

Overview and Significant sections

This book is interesting and profitable to us to study today because it tells the story of a prophet's struggle with God and resisting God's call for him to go to Ninevah. But in the end, Ninevah repents, and another lesson can be learned about grace. God gave Jonah and Ninevah a second chance.

Significant sections:

  • Jonah's disobedience and the 'great fish'. 1:1-1:17
  • Jonah's prayer and subsequent obedience. 2:1-2:10
  • Jonah's mission to Ninevah 3:1-3:10
  • Jonah learns a lesson by a plant about motivations. 4:1-4:10

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