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Book of Hosea


Authorship and Origin:

Hosea was the last great prophet to the Northern Kingdom of Israel. He ministered to its citizens from the last years of Jeroboam II until the Assyrians conquered and put the people into exile. His preaching dates from about 753 B.C. until 723 B.C.. He seems to have been a tender-hearted poet who was familiar with country images such as a restless dove, a stubborn heifer, the threshing floor and many others. The prophet Amos also lived during the early years of Hosea's ministry.

Overview and Significant sections

Hosea was called to a special mission by God. He was to share the Lord's anquish with the people's unfaithfulness, and urge them to return to God. Hosea could relate in his own personal life to the problem of unfaithfulness due to his wife, who later deserted him. The book is largely composed of sermons that Hosea must have spoken at various times in many different places. The first three chapters tell the story of the prophet and his own unfaithful wife, Gomer. Like God's continuing love for Israel, Hosea continued to love Gomer and finally brings her home.

Significant sections:

  • The unfaithful wife. 1:1-3:5
  • Sins of the people exposed calling for judgement. 3:1-8:14
  • Doom! Judgement! are coming. 9:1-10:15
  • God's love affirmed. 11:1-11:12
  • Discipline required first, then blessings to follow. 12:1-14:9

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