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Book of Colossians


Authorship and Origin:

Colossians was written by Paul at around the same time as Philemon, either from Rome shortly before Paul's death (59-62 A.D.), or perhaps abit earlier from Ephesus (54-56 A.D.). A few commentators cast some doubt on the authorship of Paul to this letter, or perhaps state that it was modified later due to non-Pauline theological statements it contains. The reason Paul wrote this letter is due at least in part, to his concern about a runaway slave named Onesimus. Additionally, Paul is concerned various false teachers in Colossae.

Overview and Significant sections

Even though Paul had never been to Colossae, he was knowledgeable of the church there. Some of the pagans who in Platonic fashion worshipped angelic beings in various heirarchies considered Christ to be just another one. This brings upon Paul's wrath and he preaches against the false teachers.

Significant sections:

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