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Book of 1 Thessalonians


Authorship and Origin:

1 Thessalonians was perhaps the first book written in the New Testament. It was written close to 51 A.D. by Paul from Corinth. The account of Paul's initial visit to Thessalonica is in Acts 17:1-9. A new church was founded there of mixed population and included various prominent Macedonian women. Apparently from this letter, Paul sent Timothy from Athens back to the city to stabilize this congregation. Later after Timothy's report, Paul wrote this letter.

Overview and Significant sections

The letter is fairly simple in structure, and contains essentially two sections. The first is on Paul's previous works at Thessolonica and the second section is on present issues that concern this church. A very important passage in this letter concerns the 'second coming' of Christ. This discussion of the end times (eschatology) demonstrates the very early church's concepts of the future.

Significant sections:

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