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Book of Jude


Authorship and Origin:

The author identifies himself as Jude, the brother of James (the brother of Jesus). Hence the author claims to be a lesser known brother of Jesus. But many scholars feel this letter was written in the 2nd century due to the expressions and heresies it discusses. It may have been written in the name of Jude, perhaps to strengthen it's claim to the apostolic tradition. Many quotations from this book are used in II Peter.

Overview and Significant sections

The book was apparently written during a crisis to defend the Christian faith against false teachers and persons corrupting it by false doctrine and practices, in particular Gnostic heresies and perhaps the Marcosians. He accuses them of immorality, and that God will destroy them as He did in the Old Testament. Jude exhorts his readers to return to their true faith.

Significant sections:

  • Introduction: 1-4
  • Heretics and their punishment: 5-16
  • The foundations of Faith: 17-23
  • Benediction: 24-25

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