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Ray DeLay Ministries

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Our Vision

RDM is now available to the local church. We have carried the message of freedom and victory into the prisons and jails of four states for five years. We preach the healing message of deliverance through Jesus Christ to those with life controlling problems including drug addiction and the incarcerated. We believe that only through Jesus can we find the identity, belonging, and security that will deliver us from the bondage of alcoholism, drug addiction, immorality, depression, and all other life controlling problems.
ViRay is a faith-based ministry trusting the Father for provision and the intercessory prayer of those set free by the TRUTH for support.


Church/Chapel Service;extended meetings;special events. Rev. DeLay delivers the uncompromised Word of God in a way that sets mankind FREE. Stir up your spirit and refresh your soul with the anointed music of Elizabeth Dorlac. Whether it is contemporary music or gospel hymns Elizabeth's singing prepares the heart of man to receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit. All RDM staff are Certified Belief Therapists and are available for counseling,crisis intervention,and discipleship. RDM also is registered by the State of Texas as a Chemical Abuse Treatment Facility offering treatment, therapy, aftercare program and support groups. RDM is a Chapter of Texas X-Offenders Association conducting the Association's program and outreach in the Greater Houston area. If you have a problem, we have the answer -- Jesus.

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