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Miracle Music Ministries

1588 Main St., • Apalachin, NY 13732 • United States • 607 625 4617/see/charmin/CM01784

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Welcome to Miracle Music Ministries

We are a band that plays for any Christian occasion. We consist of four guys, and a few extras. Jared Campbell (16)- lead guitar and lead vocals, Bob Farrell (16)- Bass guitar and vocals, Carman Fancher (30)- Drums, Rachelle Terry (17)- Back-up Vocalist. John Farrell (50)- Awesome electric guitarist. God's anointing has been coming down on the band like never before. The name "Miracle" is exactly what we are. We believe in Miracles because we are Miracles Ourselves. We each have a long testimony that are a Miracles by itself. We also have many female soloists that are blessed in the singing area. Their names are Sarah Hogan, Rachelle Terry, Liz Piedmonte, Jen Marion, and others. If you need a ministry in music and live around the Broome County Area then give us a call. (607) 625 4617 thanks. YOU ARE THE GOD WHO PERFORMS MIRACLES- PSALM 77:140 Our playing dates are: - Talent Fest 99', Vestal High School Date: TBA MORE TO COME!!!!

Wanna hear us for Free!!!???

If you want to hear us for free and have nothing to do on a Friday night?? Our band formed because of our church. We have Youth Group every Friday night. WithOut Walls is the name of our youth group of Calvary's Love Assembly of God, Johnson City. We lead Praise and Worship every Friday night. If you want to expirence God in a real way the Come and see that the Lord is good!!! If you want to come then E-mail the link below for more details.

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