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Hearts for the Homeless

P.O. Box 437, 890 Tonawanda • Buffalo, NY 14223 • United States • (716) 877-3536/see/charmin/CM01266

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Hearts for the Homeless

Mobile Soup Kitchen
To reach the homeless and poor of the inner city with the love of God, demonstrated in Word and Deed. To tell them God's plan and purpose for their lives.

Our teams of volunteers work together with the same heart, mind and purpose. We travel an average of four hours each night, five nights a week, in a mobile soup kitchen. The homeless and poor are invited in to receive food, fellowship and clothing. We extend our love in other ways: visiting them in the hospital, helping them find better housing, plan special get togethers at Christmas, and we encourage them to attend church. Most importantly, we accept them for who they are even as Christ accepts us.

Hearts for the Homeless . . . other outreaches

Hearts Thrift Stores
Locations: 890 Tonawanda, 1477 Main Street, 1050 Main Street

Children's Ministry
Just drive past any inner-city housing project and you will see loneliness, discouragement and loss of hope on many of the children's faces.

Our desire is to let each child know they are special in God's sight. We bring puppets, children's songs, games, face paiting and Gospel clowns to the inner city each summer.

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