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Summit Bible College

1213 McCurdy Drive, • Bakersfield, CA 93306 • United States • 661-872-2476/see/charmin/CM04411

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From the President

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I hope as all of you read this catalog, you will see the heart of our ministry. We really want to please the Lord Jesus in providing you the best in Christian education at the lowest possible price, so that you can have quality training, in your home or at our campuses, at an affordable rate. Summit Bible College (formerly CCI), began in 1996 with the hope that it would set the pace as a correspondence, internet solution to the needs of our Christian brothers and sisters. We, like many of you, were looking for a quality curriculum filled with the Spirit of God, that could be done at a distance and allow us to follow the calling of ministry. Our classes have been successfully completed by many, so far, and the results of increased involvement and commitment to ministry is rewarding. Our graduated students have gone on to be ministers at churches, leaders in missions and as support staff in Christian organizations. We are thankful for all of the positive responses. Since one of our goals is to keep costs down, you will notice that we do not advertise (except for our web site), we have simple brochures and we do not spend a lot of time or money on extra frills; however we do have the best books and resources. Our program is a no nonsense approach to preparation that meets the needs for those of you who are working full time, have families and/or full schedules. I know the Lord has led us in the right direction because each month we hear from those who are pleased with the work and the feeling that they are finally on the road to success in ministryand life. We started with just a handful of people and now we are linked with Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship, and we have an extension campus in Maine, but we will stay personable enough to serve you. We pray that we can bless you in your pursuit of ministry. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email. Dr. Jeff Victor, President

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