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Christian Motorcyclists Association Nepal

Kathmandu , Nepal, • Kathmandu, Nepal GPO 8975, EPC 1705 • Nepal • +977-9841609282/see/charmin/CM10450

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Reaching the motorcycling community

Christian Motorcyclists Association Nepal (CMA Nepal) is a non denominational and nonprofit organization. CMA is dedicated to serve Jesus through evangelistic work amongst the motorcyclists. CMA is not a Christian Club or riding group designed to segregate Christians from the influences of the world, but rather it is a ministry designed to thrust you into the adventure of spreading the light of Jesus into the dark places

Bike is the best means of private transportation for the people of Nepal. Because it is affordable for those who have small income and it suits in the narrow roads of Nepal. Thats why the number of bikers is increasing in Nepal. There are millions of bikers who ride together with us in the main streets and highways but they are underprivileged from getting the gospel of Jesus Christ, because we are not sharing them.

(Jesus said to his disciples, The harvest indeed is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Matthew 9:37. )

If we do not go in this community and share them about Jesus Christ nobody will share and they will not hear about Jesus. I feel many souls are waiting for us. They need to be saved by the gospel of Jesus Christ; Jesus is crucified for them too.
Ishak Tamang
CMA Nepal

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