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Chameleon Dan -- Bustin With the Love of God

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Mission Statement

1. To love the neglected of Greater Lansing first and then spread across the globe.

2. To "be all things to all people." This means to learn to play basketball with inner city youth, to infiltrate wild parties with the message of hope, to tutor English as a Second Language and learn to share about Christ in many different languages, to reach artists through music, to approach even drug dealers on their level, to even sleep at homeless shelters if necessary as to reach the homeless, to encourage pastors and pray for them.

3. To let the Bible have the final say.

4. To show the freedom and fun found in Jesus Christ.

5. To network secular and Christian outreaches to meet the needs of the Greater Lansing Community.

6. To "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons, raise the dead. Freely you have received freely give."

7. To attract and invite all groups to unite in Revival without compromising the Truth: Internationals, The Mentally and Physically Disabled, The Homeless, Business Professionals, Children, Police and All Those Who Provide Services to Protect Us, Educators, College Students, Cults, All Religions, Drunks, Fraternities, College Ministries, Drug Addicts and Criminals.

8. To refer those ministered to a Body of Believers that can meet their needs and use their talents.

9. To do everything with love for God first and then for man.

10. To network pastors and ministers around the world.

11. To provide ministry resources to those in need: Inspirational Books, Faith Tech Bible School Teachings, Journal of Truth Series Writings and Bibles.


1. To see the 1996 vision that the Michigan State University Football Stadium be filled for Revival not just come to pass for students, but for all residents of Greater Lansing.

2. To be sent out throughout Pakistan to preach hope, healing and salvation to the 98% Muslim community and to disperse the Journal of Truth Series book there in the languages of Urdu and Punjabi.

3. To one day establish India as a home base and run or start an orphanage there in addition to whatever else God wishes. At this orphanage, broken children will be discipled and will go out all over India to bring Revival.

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