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real gs ministry

2116 phillips road, • huntsville, AL 35810 • United States • 256-852-6374/see/charmin/CM09959

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realg's gospel rap ministry

real g's hustle for Christ rap ministry, real g's was founded in 2006,by Alfred L, Rogers. after many, many years of running from God. Alfred had a void in his life, he continue, day after day, month after month to fill this void with drugs and alcohol. after going on a crack cocaine binge and hitting rock bottom, Alfred ended up, in a homeless shelter. that's when Alfred heard the voice of God. and decided to try God. it was Dec 2005 that Alfred received his conversion and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life. since then Alfred, has been blessing people with the gift that God has given him and that is to express himself and the love of God through gospel rap. Alfred feels that if rap stars can make music to bring a person down, God can use his word through rap to lift a person up. everything that Alfred rap about, he has lived. real g's was introduced and birth by God. and it is God way to reaching the young ,the old ,the the hurt ,the homeless, the poor, and all that need to hear a word of encouragement.

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