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NATIONAL YOUTH LEAGUE is a youth-led initiative to inspire and equip young people on a mission to be soul-winners and proclaim the everlasting gospel to this generation.

History of 
Is the A training FELLOWSHIP for youth. Recruiting God's Army and Training God's Army for tomorrow Leaders. These two themes have been appropriate for the establishment of the Youth ministries in Nigeria. 

The Youth League was first established in Aba, in 1993, led by REV.HARRISON ABAYI OJO. The vision of Youth League came from Him

Revive and inspire young people for mission work 
Provide inspired training for young people in soul-winning work 
Provide network opportunities for young people from soul-winning churches/ministries 

A sense of God's call for their life and a commitment to live daily for Him 
A deeper understanding of the Word of God and the distinctive message and effective approaches for communicating this understanding 
Practical methods for witnessing in their respective places of work and study 
Practical plans for youth group outreach 
Networks and contacts with other dedicated Adventist young people and youth-oriented ministries 
An on-site experience in an evangelistic outreach to impact the local community 
Opportunities to become involved in some soul-winning ministry 
The Spirit of YC '08
YC '08 seeks to uphold the distinctive messages of the SDA Church:

A respect for Scripture - as the foundation and test of all teachings and practices; 
An appreciation for the Spirit of Prophecy - as an authoritative source of instruction, comfort, and warning; 
A quest for biblical holiness - through a daily prayer and devotional experience with Jesus and a commitment to following His Word; 
A vibrant worship experience - one which is characterized by principle, reverence, and decorum; 
A passion for lost souls - animated by a personal experience in the saving love of Jesus and a desire for His imminent return; 
A cultivation of godly relationships - preserving purity and encouraging accountability; 
An exemplary and abundant lifestyle - in recreation, entertainment, dress, and healthful living; 
An enthusiasm for service - through care for the needy, service to the community, promotion of human rights, and stewardship of the environment; 
A commitment to the Seventh-day Adventist Church as God's remnant church - by supporting and upholding its principles, organization, and leadership; 
An attitude of humility and cordiality - as we seek to clarify, articulate, and defend the biblical teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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