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415 Northfield Rd, • Bedford Hts, OH 44146 • United States • 216-320-1125/see/charmin/CM09788

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Pillar of Faith Christian Center Located at 415 Northfield Rd. Bedford Hts., Ohio 44146. Phone 216-320-1125 Pastor Verna Craighead Green.

"reaching out to a hurting world"

AW2 A Woman and Warrior

A Woman and a Warrior was given by divine intervention to our Pastor as there was such a need for this group in the church. So many women today are victims and need to know there is a way to be made whole. We meet every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. to discuss matters that effect women on a daily basis. We have all been trememdously blessed by the veriation of speakers that come well informed and impart into each of us something to make live better. It is not a time of "male bashing" and group of angry and bitter women. It is a group of women who have often experienced the hard times in life, learned from them and are willing to share God's love with someone who may also be facing these problems. Please come out and share with us and I guarentee you will be blessed.

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