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Rescue Mission

Palpa, Tansen-10 • Tansen, Lumbini 32500 • Nepal • +977-75-521376/see/charmin/CM09460

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Respected Sir / Madam, greetings in the name of almighty God Jesus Christ from Nepal. My Name is Birkha B. K. Chhetri, president of the Rescue Mission. A Christian non- profit organization for rescue and evangelical sector in Nepal. We are registered in government of Nepal and affiliated to Social Welfare council, Nepal and recognized by District development Committee. We are in initial period as an Organization but lots of experienced Christians are involved with us. Our team is Eveready to do volunteer task in these fields. Our goal is to show the love of Jesus Christ to everyone and service in these mentioned fields as a volunteer. We reach direct to the victim's homes and the support use only by those people. We are a Christian group and situated in hill station Tansen, where there Lord Jesus Christ was appeared above this hill then Christian are growing day by day here. We can see five Churches around us and many small fellowships in the communities. We are serving in these villages and doing whatever possibilities we have to help them who are suffering by disabled, widow, blind, home less, HIV/ AIDS, poverty, persecution being a Christian, uneducated and unemployment etc. We have a serving spirit, talents and doing for a long time individual but as an organization, unfortunately it is not enough to support and help them. We are praying and seeking for a partner organization who can participate in our goal to fulfill the God's commands. Please pray for us. We are praying to hear good news from you. Thank you very much for reading this letter. Contact us: Mr. Birkha B. K Chhetri, President/Founder of Rescue Mission. P.O. Box # 15 Tansen, Palpa, Postal Code # 32500 Nepal. Phone # +977-75-521376 E-Mail : Website : (We are in progress of construction)

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