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Next Level leadership

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Leadership Plus Factor

Dear Pastor ,greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus christ.Am Apostle Olajuwon Adeola a leadership development consultant and ministerial oversight consultant based here in Lagos,Nigeria. After serving with great church leaders with their dynamic pastoral ministry over here,i have developed a wealth of skills over the years in diversities of empowered functions of the Holy Spirit. I sense a deep spiritual transgenerational revolution about to be unleashed in Africa.A revolution that will usher in sanity,order,structure,standards to the total man but it will step out of the church to heal nations. Dear Pastor, our world ,nation,community is in dire need of morrally sound,focused,well meaning,selfless leadership.Unfortunately peoples mind have accepted the old belief that only few people are born to rule,others are born to be followers.Some have said leaders are born and not made based on some philosophies view points on which leadership before now had been built on wrong premise of belief. As an Apostle i can inteprete a new trend sweeping through Africa and the world as a sphere to be conqured through vision,integrity,and sacrifice. Next level leadership is an initiative geared to To increase personal efficiency Give academic and professional training to lead on the path of true leadership To equip church leaders to raise a purpose driven and excellence orriented ministries or organisation Help discover your strenght thereby fullfilling your purpose. I see a new Africa/World and this is my passion and my passion has repositioned and redifined my ministry taking me from nation to nation,teaching,training and preaching apostolic purpose and standards. Thre are carefull crafted courses to enhance your leadership skills 1.Personal word transformation 6.Family Success 2.Public Speaking 7.System Development 3.Church growth 8.Problem solving 4.Succes Habbits 9.Mentoring 5.Group Dynamics 10. Time and life Management...many more I, have this wealth of knowledge to share with you and your organisation.If you request my help as conference speaker or bible school lecturer all you need do is give me an invitaion to your home country Apostle Olajuwon Adeola Next level leadeship Africa and the world

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