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CANA Ministries

Catholic Community of St. Michael, 453 Franklin St • Duxbury, MA 02332 • United States • 781-834-6903/see/charmin/CM09057

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A Religious ceremony in a location of your choice

Many Catholics want a religious/spiritual experience as part of their wedding day, but cannot or do not wish to get married inside a Roman Catholic Church for one reason or another.CANA Ministries is an organization of Married Roman Catholic Priests. We offer a personalized Religious service in a location of your choice. We do not just provide a service. We get to know you, so that we can minister to you in a special, very personal way. We do this by being present for the rehearsal and getting to know not only you, but your guests so that they feel they are not only guests, but part of the ceremony. We start with a first "no obligation meeting" Once you decide on CANA Ministries, a Priest is available at your request for consultation and/or meetings as part of our ministry.

By Priests who live as you live

CANA ministries is a service of CAPIAT (Catholics affirming Priesthood in the Apostolic Tradition). We are Roman Catholics who believe that mandatory celibacy is responsible for many evils in the Church, including deprivation of Sacramental ministry for the faithful. Those of us who are ordained Roman Catholic married Priests who have married minister to catholics who feel alienated, neglected, or rejected by the Church Hierarchy. We are your brothers who have also been rejected. But we remain Priests. We accept you as you are, just as Jesus did, and go from there.

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