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The Geracis Revival Music

1830 Fant Drive # o85, • Fort Olgethorpe, GA 30742 • United States • 706_866_7404/see/charmin/CM09026

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Our Mission

Go ye therefore and teach all nations. Baptizing them in the name of the Father Son And Holy Ghost. Matthew 28:19

We bring A message of Love and salvation.

To let people know that God is not dead,he is still alive. and working in our lives,and all that he has promised shall come to pass. Wether it be Everlasting life or Everlasting damnation.

Because he is the same yesterday,today,and tomarrow.

About Us

Through our faith and trust in the Lord. Being 100% He has brought us out of A lot of trails. Even bring one of us back from the dead through our faith in him. now we have come to A point in our lives ,to where we are trying to repay what we cant . The gross.

He paid the price for us.Out of Love for us.People in nursing homes need to know, That they are not, left out to pasture.There is someone that cares for them with love. They need to know that Jesus loves them as one of his own.

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