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STEPPING INTO THE OUTSIDERS' WORLD This is part of the SAGIP YAGIT Program envisioned by Rev. Rogelio V. Umali, D.D. The SAGIP YAGIT has a deep meaning such as: SAGIP stands for Save, support And Guide Indigents into Peace, Prosperity, and Pro-active Life, while YAGIT is Young And Adult Got, getting Into Troubles, Tribulations and Trauma. Outsiders are also called the street dwellers and are part of the YAGIT. The corresponding SAGIP is also presented in this project; STEPPING INTO THE OUTSIDERS' WORLD. WHO ARE THE OUTSIDERS? Outsiders are human beings! They are people like us who are in serious troubles. They are the "yagit" as commonly called and described upon by the society and even themselves. Poverty is the principal caused that put them into such situations - out from homes and away from their families. They are the homeless people - young and old and oftentimes hopeless, manipulated and exploited! People who need and long for understanding and supports of their fellowmen. WHERE DO THEY LIVE? Most of them live in the cities particularly in the vicinities of churches, schools, markets, commercial areas, parks and other busy places frequented by people. They depend too much on the from other people thru feeding, mendicancy, menial services and prostitutions, etc. WHY DO THEY BECOME OUTSIDERS? The common factors why they become outsiders are 1) poverty, 2) family disputes and violence, 3) peer influence, 4) political instability, 5) calamities such as typhoons, and floods and 6) fire. WHAT MUST WE DO TO HELP THE OUTSIDERS? Given the opportunity of helping the outsiders, we must be careful enough of handling our intervention programs. Steps in caring them must always be based upon the type or category of the outsiders and their status. The right approaches and interventions must be done and carried out in order to be successful in putting things into right proportion. CATEGORY PROGRAM AND SECTORS PROVIDERS INTERVENTIONS 1) Poor and jobless Spiritual, Social and NGO, Church, Economics Gov't. and Family) 2) Alcoholic, Drugs Spiritual and Social DSWD,Church, Family and Substance concerns and Rehab Centers 3) Prostitutes Spiritual, Social, DSWD, Church, Family Economics and medical and NGO 4) Sick and with Spiritual, physical and DSWD, Church, Family mental and emotional concerns Medical and mental emotional problems institutions 5) In conflicts with Spiritual, Social and DSWD, Family, and the laws legal concerns Reformatory and Correctional institutions. The above presentation entails a cooperative movement of every sector of the society that are potential in the rescue and empowerment of the homeless until they are reintegrated into their families and society. Handling the outsiders and the programs appropriate for their classes and needs must be the focus of actions among the different sectors. SECTORS INSTITUTIONS SUPPORT TO GIVE KEY RESULT AREAS 1) FAMILY Social identity and a Family Solidarity home for social,economic and spiritual needs 2) RELIGIOUS SECTORS House of faiths for Spiritual and moral spiritual foundations and values for the love awakening - worship and of God and fellow- service to God men. God-fearing citizens. 3) GOVERNMENT (Local Rights recognition and Righteousness thru National) protection under Justice, wealth constitutions distribution and accumulation 4) NGO and PO Volunteerism for social, Community based economics and spiritual development and works advocacy 5) EDUCATIONAL Mental and emotional Professionalism INSTITUTIONS readiness thru knowledge and career empowerment. 6) COMMERCE, Economic and livelihood Wealth accumulation INDUSTRIES, LABOR & EMPLOYMENTS 7) MEDICAL, Physical and emotional Healthy body and MENTAL AND care and cure mind. REHABILITATION INSTITUTIONS 8) REFORMATION Refuge for the reform- Justice for the AND CORRECTIONAL ation of the offenders oppressed and INSTITUTIONS reformation of the offenders The above sectors are the accountable coalitions to save the indigents; the outsiders. The principles and challenges of helping the street children, street dwellers and the poor given the realities of the street based, center-based and community - based approaches. Hopefully, every one must perceived his role and function to address the problems of the outsiders and take part in bringing them back to the fold of a pro-active family and society. We are all not only legally responsible for them but also morally. Letting outsiders live on their own ways of hopelessness will not end up homelessness. Let us start to Save, support And Guide Indigents into Prosperity, Peace and Pro-Active Life (SAGIP). How? What ever in your heart and in your hands today, through: 1) Economic and livelihood programs 2) Materials; food, clothing, medicines, shoes, toothbrushes/pastes, soaps 3) Medical and dental programs 4) Moral Recovery program 5) Financial support The promoter is now part of the education ministry for the more 500 adult street dwellers in the city of Manila. Our undertakings are mainly for the moral recovery of these hopeless male and female street dwellers based on scriptural teachings and after each fellowship a packed meals of cooked rice and noodles are being served. The programs are routinely scheduled every Tuesdays and Thursdays of the week during 10am-12noon. The budget for the 4 volunteers pastors-teachers are included in the programs because of their volunteer status and big compassion in loving the unlovable people on the streets. We are appealling for partnership and donations. Please feel free to contact: Rev. Rogelio V. Umali, D.D. Promoter, SAGIP YAGIT PROGRAM 1357-J Andalucia Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila CP NO. 0919-2989238 Tel. No. No. 734-5981

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