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Full Salvation in Christ Ministries

BP 11161, • Carrefour, Port-au-Prince HT-6130 • Haiti • (509)525-1910/see/charmin/CM08883

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Jesus came to restore man to fellowship with God

According to the Bible, Jesus is the second Adam. The first Adam was entrusted with the mission of ruling over all the earth, but he failed. And we failed in him. The second Adam came to restore what was lost and reverse the bad effects of the Fall. Through Jesus, man can commune with God again. That was one of the reasons why He came on earth. That was one of the reasons why He shed His life-giving blood, the blood of the New Covenant.

Our Purpose

We are called by God to bring a life-restoring message to the people in Haiti and around the world. Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God have the power to transform hopeless and lifeless people into precious and useful vessels in God's service. We can vouch for that fact because our own lives have experienced that spiritual transformation and regeneration. The Word of God reveals the names of some women who supported Jesus' ministry in a financial way (Luke 8:1-3). If you will help us reach out to the lost financially, please contact Rev. Herbert Julien at

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