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Chicago District A.M.E. Zion Church

243 South Hickory Street, • Glenwood, IL 60425 • United States • 708-757-5761/see/charmin/CM08808

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Pastors - Churches

.Rev. Claude Christopher, Presiding Elder- Greater Walters, Rev. Joel D. Miles- St. Mark, East Chicago, Rev. George W. Walker, Jr. - Martin Temple, Rev. Dr. Eric Leake Daniel Chapel, Rev. Derrick Simmons- Blackwell-Israel-Samuel, Rev.Ambus G. Morris Caldwell Chapel, Rev. Lori Holmes St. Matthew-Gordon, Rev. Bobby Campbell- Bethlehem, Rev. O. C. Comer- St. Luke, Rev. Dwight Gutridge- First Church, Rev. Timothy Rouse- St. Mark, Chicago, Rev. Alesia H. Terrell Grace, Rev. Lornce Applewhite- St. Andrew, Rev. Todd Jarrett Fisher Memorial, Rev. Warren Smith- St. John, Rev. Wash M. Perry- Clement Memorial, Rev. Dr. John Greene Unity, Rev. David Neville, Jr.- . . . . . . . .


President of Missionary Society, Mrs. Cynthia R. Young Director of Christian Ed., Mrs. Gwendolyn Johnson President of Lay Council, Ms. Lynda Byrd Director of Evangelism Rev. George Walker, Jr. Asst. Director of Evangelism Rev. Johnny Johnson, Jr. President of Ministerium Rev. Lornce Applewhite President of Ministers Spouses Mrs. Yvonne Morris, Director of D.L. Blakey Voices of Zion, Mr. Richard Powell, Dir. of District Youth & Young Adult Choir, Mr. Kenneth Johnson

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