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Regard pour les Enfants Dmunis (RED)

BP 317 Dabou, Dabou • Dabou, Dabou 00225 • Ivory Coast • +22505803032/see/charmin/CM08626

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A glance on the underprivileged children...


We are a Non Profit Organisation which provides support to war victims, child abuse, orphans aids victims ,and whose focus is based on poverty and crime eradication,etc...

Today our country is divided into two since the 19th of September 2002. As the crisis goes on, we are in an in-infested-crime ridden jungle, where arms are fund anywhere,killing, diseases, drug and child abuse are the order of the day.The rate of underpriviledged families in our society today, escalates to emmergency.

The prime objective of RED are: 1. To restore the children from a morally debased acts.

2.To find a better way of suporting the less privilledged children, and protect them from child abuse.It is ironical to watch children between the age of 5 to 12 serving in this present crisis as soldiers, the beer palour, restaurants, to say but a few...and watch the irresponsible elders practice prostitution.

3.To educate them and make them better citizens. Also to create an opportunity for the children to develope their natural art, crafts, hair and clothes designers etc...

4.To provide food, clothing to poor families and help them set a small business to take care of their children.

5.To visitand support children in prison; and tell them about the good news of the gospel,educate and restore them on how to be better citizens.

Who is entitled to get our support?

a. Abandoned children
b. Disabled children
c. Orphans
d. Aid victims
e. Indigent children who can not afford to carry on with their education.

Our request:

Presently we are solliciting for assistance from anyone, organisations, churches as well as individuals business men and women from all over the world,to help us finish the Head Office of RED, which will include living facilities to abandonned children. This is highly why, We are seeking alliance with existing organisations.

In the light of what is going on here in our country, we need your support both spiritually, materially and otherwise to provide food, clothing and other to poor families who are getting miserable as the days pass,because job loses and health problems. It is also our sincere prayer that you visit us here, in Cote d'Ivoire, to meet with our members and use the opportunity to make an-on-the-spot-assessement of our organisation in question. Be blessed for your contribution to our commitment. Thanks.

Save our souls S.O.S

Help us to reach the unreachable in our society to eradicate all forms of poverty. Please Help war victims of Dukou, west of Ivory Coast, who are being burnt alive with their children during their sleep!!! God bless you.

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