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Stephen Gough Ministries

18 Wortman Rd., • Salisbury, NB E4J 2T5 • Canada • 506-372-5067/see/charmin/CM08525

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Evangelist Stephen Gough

Stephen was saved by the grace of God at 23 years of age. His young life had been one of in and out of trouble with the law. It is another story to be told. It was a very difficult time. A wife and two children(Stephen & Sharon) whom Stephen was on the verge of losing because of his life style and the sin he was trapped in. Their children; Stephen, Sharon and James grew up in a different enviourment after Jesus came into their lives. It's a very interesting story, how that Evelyn (his wife) prayed for Stephen and changes began to take place.One day she streched forth her hand and touched the TV as Rev. Rex Humbard was ministering(as a step of faith) and agreed that God would help her husband. She has since gone on to be with the Lord in Heaven.Evelyn passed away due to the dreaded cancer. They had a wonderful life and ministry together. All the events that took place prior to salvation,how God worked a miracle in their lives, you will want to hear how the Lord did it. The things that transpired when they chose Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord from singing to preaching and pastoring. Stephen has since re-married to Donna Murray. They pastored the church together in Woodstock, NB until the Lord directed them to other areas of ministry. This is another story of God's direction. Stephen is now the associate pastor of Lighthouse of Faith in Saint John, NB where he with Pastor Lawrence Morin minister to the saints. He knows that God can save anyone who will take a moment to listen to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Take the time to call upon the name...and you shall be saved. (Acts 2:21,16:30-31) God loves you more than you can ever realize.

Ministry to the lost and saved

Stephen has had many years of volunteering in the community with the church. His ministry over the years has been from singing & playing instruments such as the guitar (bass and accoustic), organ and keyboard. Working in the local church congregations as Sunday School van driver, SS Teacher, Youth Leader,Song Leader and Church Board member in the government of the local church. Preaching and teaching for over 25 years. There is lots to do in the Lord's work...He can use you, if you will let Him. Stephen has pastored two churches in New Brunswick(one whom he founded)He has seen many saved to Jesus Christ under his ministry. He has ministered as an evangelist to many congregations. He has been a presbyter and chairman of a denominational group. Also, Stephen has worked extensively in jail/prison, hospitals and nursing home ministries. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Theology, Masters of Ministry, Doctor in Practical Theology from Master's Divinty Graduate School,where he received High Honor's.( Recently he received the earned Doctor of Divinity Degree at the now Master's International School of Divinity. Stephen's experience covers many other area's of study including Advanced Standing in Supervised Pastoral Education from The Institute of Pastoral Training. The Diploma in Prison Ministry from Acadia Divinty College. Stephen is a member of the International Ministerial Association ( and Emmanuel Fellowship Inc.( He can especially relate to the down and out of our society,for he was that way before finding Christ, lost in an everyday grind. Stephen's confession is that he needs the Lord every day and that he can do nothing without Him. Stephen is available for ministry in local churches.You will enjoy and be thrilled by his testimony. Hope is realized, faith is increased and the love of God is present. The gifts of the Spirit are manifest to meet your need. Please contact Evangelist Stephen Gough at 1-506-372-5067 for Rivival Meetings or other events that you may be planning. REMEMBER! GOD IS FOR YOU SO WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU AND SUCCEED? GOD BLESS YOU!

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