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Bethel Life Ministries International

C/266M Jericho, 02BP2682 Cotonou, • Cotonou, AT 02Bn • Benin •

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Our weekly activities

Dear friend, Greetings in Jesus name. Please take a moment to consider: Have you ever been worried on your situations? Have you ever asked yourself why this condition of mine? Do the witches and wizards trouble you? Is your marriage falling apart? Etc.

Jesus Christ is the only trustworthy person for you to walk with. As your creator, He wants to be your companion in every situation in life. Acts 17:24-28. Walking with Jesus Christ is an exchange: Give up your old selfish nature for a new loving nature. Ask God to forgive your sin and He will give you peace in your soul(Mt.11:28-29) Do you want to know how? Attend glise de la Vie Bthel

Weekly bible programs at:
OUIDAH: Lieu: Maison Adimou, en face Maison de la Culture, Saturday: 9.00am, Sunday 5.00pm, Tuesday -Deliverance Hour: 6.30pm, Thursday-Faith Clinic: 5.00 pm SEME PODJI: (Lokossa) Maison Le Souris, Monday-Deliverance hour: 6.30pm, Thursday Faith Clinic: 10.00am: Saturday -10.00am COTONOU: Premier Carrefour Gbejromede,El Hadji Gankpo way. Saturday: 9.30am, Sunday 7.00pm We wait to meet you. God bless you! We offer free bibles; books and some reading glasses (bring your ordinance) CONTACT : HQ. 32.62.61 (Cel.45.58.93) 02BP2682 Cotonou-Bnin. Email: Ouidah : 89.82.64 ; Sme Podji 23.79.13 / 48.07.66 BETHEL LIFE MINISTRIES-INTERNATIONAL - We demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ. Come and experience the love of Jesus Christ. JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE


REVIVAL * REVIVAL * REVIVAL BETHEL LIFE DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES Present A 3-day Revival Breakthrough 17-19 September 2004 Theme: THOU ART LOOSED * To come out of the pit * To rise up out of the ashes * To be stable * To live a holy life * To be diligent Venue: PENIEL AUDITORIUM, Premier Carrefour Gbejromede, El-Hadji Gankpo Time: - 8.30pm daily We shall as usual give out some free reading glasses, books and bibles. Organizers: Bethel Life Churches in Sme Podji * Ouidah * Com * Cotonou and Lome Contact: Bethel Life Ministries, International- 02BP2682 Cotonou. Tel. Email : Tel. 32.62.61/45.58.93/98.90.61 Member: Mouvement d'entraide et de l'unit du corps de Christ (MEUCC) Reveil * Reveil * Reveil BETHEL LIFE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (Eglise de la vie Bthel) Prsente Trois jours de Percer Spirituelle 17-19 Septembre 2004 Thme : Vous tes dlis * De sortie de la foss * De s'lever et sortie de la cendres * D'tre stable * De vivre une vie de saintet * D'tre diligent Lieu : (Peniel Auditorium) 1ere Carrefour Gbejromede, El-Hadji-Gankpo Heure : Nous donnerons d'habitude des verres, livres et bibles gratuitement Les Organisateurs : Eglise de la vie Bthel Sme Podji * Ouidah * Com * Cotonou * Lome Contact : 02BP2682 Cotonou. Email : Tel.32.62.61/45.58.93/98.90.61 Membre : Mouvement d'entraide et de l'unit Du Corps du Christ (MEUCC We are in partnership with Puritan Church of Christ, USA in providing used clothes, shoes, medical products, etc to the poor in Benin Republic. We have embarked in providing drinking water to some villages in SE, also to construct a primary school in Ouidah, provide latrines in Seme Podji, etc.

We want you to help us in reaching the entire Africa with the message of Jesus Christ by providing the people with bibles in their local dialects. The Lord is good and we want you to become part of what He is doing in Africa. Yours used clothes, shoes, toilatries,stationaries, bibles,etc will be useful here.

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