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Horn of Salvation Ministries

P.O. Box 588, • Jinja, Uganda 256 • Uganda • 25677421853/see/charmin/CM08155

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HORN OF SALVATION MINISTRIES P.O.Box 588, JINJA, UGANDA EAST/Africa E-Mail ( Dear Beloved, APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT Grace be unto you and peace from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We give Thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in prayers as I was meditating you came into my mind and decide to write these few words to you. I am, 40years of age and I resident at Naminya Village Jinja Town, Uganda E/A. I heard a called of God to be full time minister. Presently I am a Pastor and founder of ministries above letter head. I heard of your humanitarian Jesus caring ministries (Relief) The country Uganda, suffered long as a result of Civil War and hunger base on this, your assistance and support is highly needed for growth of the ministries on the following Area. 1. Evangelism 2. Bible School 3. Children Ministry 4. Orphanage Home 5.Good Building for worship, Widows Ministry, Prisons Ministry and health caring of the church members. I shall be very grateful if my request approved and considered in Jesus name. Thanks

We need Volunteers

Our children at a moment are starving, there is no food at the orphanage home, and some of the children are sick with Aids Virus. We have not one to stand with us and help us. Please we call upon any body with any kind of help like, medicine, clothes, schlastic material, food, tuition fee, etc. We shall be very much happy if any of you can respond to our cry and answer us. Thanks God bless you,

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