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Children of the Cross Ministries Africa

P.O. box 22334 Kampala, Uganda, East africa • Uganda, Kampala Kampala • Uganda • 00 256 77407 285/see/charmin/CM07993

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Dear Pastors, May te ame of te Lord be blessed, Am a Ugandan curc minister in Africa wit brances in te Uk. we ave big congregations in Uganda, Kenya ad Tanzania ad we would like to be linked to your curces so tat you may bless and elp us support our ministries in Africa in any way tat you can. At te moment we ave a big mission of supporting te cildren of curc ministers in Africa because alot of tem we ave worked wit or tose we ave needs of funds to educate teir cildren. Because of tis we ave now set up a carity under te names of Cildren of te Cross Foudation Africa. At te momet we are elpig about 200 cildren in Uganda and in Kenya and wit your elp togeter we sall be able to reac ad support many souls. Some of tese cildren we elp ave been abandoned and orpaned in te cities and are in need of reabilitation and regeneration. Wit te current situation in Africa of AIDS, te problem of neglected cildren as became even more severe. Already more tan 80 cildren ave been give interim care, selter and education troug te use of accommodation in our curc and rented property. Family unit dormitory ouses and dining and sick bay blocks are already under costruction on our curc land in Uganda. Building can only progress as funds become available, but wile tis appens we ave to continue to pay for te needs of our cildren in temporary ome. Tis igligts te need to provide an adequate ongoing financial resources for day-day expenses. Since our Curc site and te current rented property are some distace from te scools and ospitals, we are also workig ard to raise a additioal amout of funds to provide a suitable vale. Tis will be used to collect food and provisions and take sick cildren for medical attention. I appeal to you broters ad sisters to elp in wicever way you can troug prayer or financial support. My good wises to you all. Te Revd Samuel Bisaso Senior Curc Minister, Cildren Of te Cross Miistries Africa, and Trustee Director, Cildren Of te Cross Foundation Africa. P.O. BOX 22334 KAMPALA UGANDA TEL; 00256 77407 285 email; Contacts in United Kingdom Revd Samuel Bisaso Cildren Of te Cross Ministries Africa 461a Soutbury Road Enfield,Middx EN3 4HX TEL: 0044 7944 800 605 email;

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