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Circuit Rider Ministries

P.O. Box 210, • Roscommon, MI 48653 • United States • /see/charmin/CM07558

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Circuit Rider Ministries

Hello, My name is Bill and I'm director of Circuit Rider Ministries.
We are an evangelical outreach ministry based in Roscommon Michigan.
I attended Bible College and then proceeded to work in secular jobs until I had a stroke in 2000. I have never been what most people consider a "religious" person. I have been given a 2nd chance to fulfill this calling and am hoping that The Lord's work in my own life may help others.
We will be taking The Word out into the streets and show people that "religion" is different thing than SALVATION!
We are not saved our works or by the kind of clothes that we wear, we are saved by Grace.
Our Lord Jesus talked about whitewashed tombs filled with bones, kind like wearing a fancy suit and going through the rituals of religion without Really Knowing Jesus as Your Savior!
Our Lord paid a price for our Salvation!
He was rejected by the "religious" community and put to death as a result. He did this and in doing so gave each of us a gift that we couldn't obtain for ourselves.
Have you accepted His gift?

Planning Events and rides for Summer 2004

If you live in or are planning to visit Michign next summer e-mail us for list of events plnned.
We are near beautiful Higgins Lake State Park and plan to hold a weekend campout there in July 2004.
If you need prayer just email me and we will keep you in prayer.
If you just want to write to say hello, tht's OK too!
By the way, if you see a bearded guy on an old oldwing with a sidecar riding around Michigan, wave. It might be me!
My The Lord bless you and give you the desire of your heart
Bro Bill

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