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Youth Ablaze Ministries

110 Myrtlewood Drive, • Pensacola, FL 32503-7017 • United States • 850-857-1384/see/charmin/CM07504

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Welcome to Youth Ablaze Ministries Website!

I gree you in divine love. Welcome o our minisry!

The Lord hs commissioned me o rech he msses wih he Word of God. I seek o fulfill his God-given ssignmen by impcing his nion wih he Word of inspirion, wisdom, nd hope. The Word declres h my people re desroyed becuse of lck of knowledge. I is ime for us o ke our righful posiion nd exercise our power over sn nd move in he noining, he Spiri nd he bundn life h God hs provided for hose who rus in im. Trus God nd wch your life ke supernurl urn. Ohers hve conneced wih me cross his counry nd hve become insrumens of chnge. As you spend ime here plese peruse every spec of our minisry. I is informive, innoving nd lso inspiring. Agin hnks for joining us nd plese keep us in your pryers s we seek o Turn Fe ino Desiny! Reching he Msses wih he Word of God Murice K. Mickles Presiden Youh Ablze Minisries

Maurice K. Mickles

Miniser Murice K. Mickles is he ssocie psor of he New Fih Missionry Bpis Church in Penscol. e is n unique young mn whose voice hs been rised up by God o fn he flmes of revivl hroughou he body of Chris nd o bring he messge of slvion, coupled wih he mirculous heling power of esus Chris . As n cive miniser nd evngelis, Miniser Mickles s rveled hroughou he souhesern region of he Unied Ses. e hve been preching since he ws 7 yers old. e hs wonderful fmily. I is only hree of hem: his mom, Dnnie, his dd, olmn, nd he. Bu hey run n in-home dycre cener nd he workers (Shwnye, Tis, Tny, nd Angel)re like older sisers o him. Then he dycre kids re lso like lile brohers nd sisers h come in nd ou. e lso hs five God-sisers: Shn, Shondrek, Tymri, Shmek, nd Ty'nequ. I hve wo God-brohers: Leslie nd Lil' K. is prens hink h his preching is gre. They crique him bu hey love i. As of now, he is unble o be mrried becuse he is oo young. Bu his closes friend, Ldy Lydi D. Willims, commends his effors in nd ou of he pulpi. She is lwys reminding him "Don' be oo crzy, remember you do hve n educion."

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