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Ministry brief

Scripture Union (Nig.) Aid for AIDS and Design for the Family program is the response of the organisation to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nigeria. Scripture Union is an international and interdenominational christian organisation that started in the United Kigdom in 1867. It was established in Nigeria in 1885. Scripture Union is registered as a not-for-profit voluntary Christian organisation and works in collaboration with Christian churches in Nigeria. It is a youth and family-based organisation with the aim: " To make God's good news known to children, young people and families; and to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer; so that they may come to personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, grow in christian maturity, and become both committed church members and servants of a world in eed." Scripture Union pursues this aim through a variety of specialists' programs including, among others: 1.HIV/AIDS prevention program - Life Skills Education for 11-14 and 15-18 year-olds, equipping young people to make healthy and right sexual choices. 2.Positive Parenting Course to equip Parents and Caregivers with the skills to adequately and appropritely communicate with young people on teenage sexuality etc. 3.HIV/AIDS prevention Awareness campaigns in schools,churches and the community. 4.Enjoy your Marriage program for married and engaged couples. Scripture Union believes that any lasting solution to the HIV/AIDS crisis must address the family situation, moreso in the face of a growing number of AIDS orphans and child-headed households. 5.Camping activities for young people for skills acquistion and discipleship purposes. 6.Bible Reading notes for adults, primary school pupils, young people of secondary school age etc, in different languages. 7.Community skills-based health education for adults and young people. Scripture Union (Nig.) has in her employ about 50 specialist staff members supported by over 150 paid support staff members and a large army of voluteers carrying out her activities in schools, churches and the community all over country. Scripture Union (Nig) has hundreds of offices scattered all over the nation. It has her headquaters' office in Ibadan and 7 Regional Coordination offices. Nigeria runs a 36-state administrative structure. Scripture Union operates in about 30 state offices mostly in the Southern part of the coutry and works in concert with sister organisations to cover other parts of the Northern states. Scripture Union (Nig.) is a foremost evangelical youth and family-based ministry operating in Nigeria for nearly 120 years.The Union has an 80-member strong National Council whose membership is drawn from leaders of churches, other christian organisations and from the leadership of her lower formations. The Coucil that meets twice a year in March and October is the highest decision and policy-making body of the autonomous movement in Nigeria.

Publications and other resources

The following is a list of currently available HIV/AIDS and related Publications/resources: 1.Towards an AIDS-free generation 2.Resource paper for Train-the-Trainers Workshop 3.Adventure Unlimited ( Life skills resource book for 11-14 yer-olds) 4.Adventure Unlimited video 5. Choose Freedom ( Life Skills resource book for 15-18 yer-olds) 6. Choose Freedom video 7. Positive Parenting books ( a pack of 9 books and Leaders guide) 8. Positive Pareting videos (2) 9. Enjoy Your Marrige (a manual for married couples) 10.Engagement ( resource book for engaged couples) 11.Bible Reading Notes for couples 12.Training booklets.

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