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America's Last Call

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Could this be America's Last (altar) Call . . .


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. HOW DO YOU SPELL STUFF?|THE DEFEAT OF GOD Since before "911" there has been this unsettling within me. The ALC (America's Last Call) is an out-growth of that unsettling. GOD is calling America back to its Christian roots, and has been for decades. ALC's first order of business is to help awaken the United States of America to its downfall if it does not forsake its present direction, repent, and return to Jesus Christ.
The second order of business is to open people's eyes to the salvation available, from GOD, through Jesus - GOD's only unique Son, who is the Messiah.

Within this site will be (printed)messages I've spoken at different churches.
other sites that I believe have pertinent information to the restoration of GOD's glory upon America
bringing C.I.S.C.O. to the forefront.
Bible studies and teachings


How Do You Spell Stuff? We've got stuff in the attic. We've got stuff in the cellar. We've got stuff in storeroom. We've got stuff in Garage. We've got stuff in carport. We've got stuff in house.

We've expensive got stuff . We've got cheap stuff. As a matter of fact we can go outside of our house and wave our hand saying, "this is all of my stuff", and this will include the house and the car. Do you think this is all the stuff?! Some of the stuff we have, we take to do stuff. We do stuff in our house. We get in the car to go do stuff. There is stuff we've done and stuff we're doing, and stuff we are going to do. Sometimes the stuff we are going to do is with stuff and sometimes the stuff we do is without other stuff.
Can this be the end of stuff? We turn stuff on to listen to and/or watch stuff. Sometimes while we are listening to or watching stuff, we are thinking of other stuff.

Does anybody remember this ritual you went through with your teenager? It all starts after the questions, "where are you going and who with?" Now depending on where they are going, the questions are:
"What are you going to watch or listen to?" "What are you taking with you?" "What do you talk about?" "What are you bringing back?" What are you thinking about?" "What are you wearing?"
Now all this is answered in a very wise and prudent manner, stuff".

By now all this stuff is probably driving you crazy. I know that with all the stuff I owe, and all the stuff going on, I feel stuffed up to here with all this stuff.

Everybody has stuff. We even have stuff at our workplace. All of us collect stuff over the years. There is a lot of stuff from our past that we bring along. Stuff we have done in our past . Let's take a look at this stuff. We carry a lot of stuff and drag it with us year after year, and with each passing year it gets heavier. Several years ago, everyone called it `baggage'.

Here is something to think about. Science has made some remarkable discoveries in the last twenty-five to thirty years, in the area of genetics. They have known for years that genes are the blueprints for the way we look.
Now they are finding out that `tendencies' toward certain mannerisms and the way we react may also be genetic.

Turn to Romans
For example a gene can be passed on that gives a person a tendency toward `addictive behavior'. Let's use drugs for the purpose of explanation, and by drugs I include alcohol and tobacco. A person who has been addicted to drugs will very likely pass this `tendency' gene down their generational line.
This could be classified as an abnormal gene. In this way `baggage' is passed on from one generation to the next. Biblical scholars , in years past, have called this generational curses. Again, science caught up with the Bible.

Romans 5:12-21. Go to Genesis 3.
It makes no difference to me whether or not sin is genetic. I don't see that it matters one way or another. What I do see, as I look out into this world, are the results of sin. And I see that in some form or another it is passed down from one generation to the next.

Genesis 3:15-19. Here we are dealing with some of the effects of the very first and the original sin. Chapter 4:1-8. Rejection, anger, and murder. Look at verse seven again. Even though there is the `tendency' to sin, we must rule over it. There is a conscious decision, whether or not to sin. Not one person can deny that.
What can happen, as in an addiction, is the power of sin can be so strong that our own will is almost powerless to stop it. But it can be done in the power of the Holy Spirit, for the person who has been cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb. The root of bitterness is from sin, and if you are bitter about some `stuff', and if you allow it to rule, the probability of reinforcing that bitterness in your children, and on down through the generations is very high.
More than likely it won't `express itself' the same way but the root, bitterness, will be there.

Here is an example, a true story. A model son in every way, when he was younger. However his father was a heavy drinker. That son eventually allowed the alcoholism of his father, to grow into bitterness and rule over him. The son swore he would never drink. The son died at an early age... of a drug overdose. He never saw that he became what he hated. Bitterness twisted his thinking into believing the problem was the alcohol, not the addiction, not the bitterness.

I could tell you numerous more that had nothing to do with any addictions. Addiction or not, in every case there is the disobedience to the love of God. In many, many cases bitterness has grown to `maturity' because of the "old dirty teddy bear" baggage. It usually starts with, "I have a right to be angry, I was wronged." And you carry that baggage with you.
Finally without you realizing it, you have become so familiar with it being there for so long that you get a twisted type of comfort. And the `tendency' toward bitterness grows from one generation to the next. And it could grow from one generation to the next; getting bigger and bigger.

However, there is always grace bigger than our sins.
Romans 6:12-14, 20-23. I suggest, if you are truly interested in life, that you read all of Romans 6, later. As a matter of fact, if you consider yourself a true believer read Romans 6, 7, and 8. If you would like to get released from death's grip on you,
I encourage you to read Romans 6, 7, and 8 when you go home today.

The world's new year was celebrated January first and is thoroughly covered by the media, in all its worldliness. May I propose to you, that Easter is the Christians New Year. What we call Easter is coming up. It is celebrated by Christians to honor the resurrection of our Lord. Why not take this time, between now and Easter, to ask the Lord to search you.
Ask Him to show you an area of baggage that needs to be dealt with, and you and Him decide which one you will give to Him. Just one. Find just one bag, that you will give to Jesus.
Resolve to use all His resources to totally annihilate it. If you are up to it, why not take the oldest, dirtiest, ugliest, smelliest, teddy bear baggage and make that decision to take it to Jesus.

The sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit still has work to do if we are not pure. It is resolution time. Make that decision. If you say you are a Christian, but you haven't fully given your life totally to Jesus, the Healer...bring power into your life by telling Him you want all He has to offer and you are ready to give all to Him. Bring the baggage with you and He will do the cleansing.

Are you not sure of your salvation? Have you acknowledged you are doomed without Jesus? Would you like to experience that perfect love that Jesus exhibited? Easter is here! Walk right into a brand new year! You and your family can walk into a Brand New Year! Bring all that baggage and Jesus and the Holy Spirit will recycle you better than new! ... Go to Index

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