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Gods Vision Evangelistic Association

2110 E. 1st Street, Suite 109-C • Santa Ana, CA 92705-4019 • United States • (714) 542-1262/see/charmin/CM06694

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We believe that all those in Christ Jesus are called to be His witnesses, and, as God's representatives and Christ's anointed:

    To preach the gospel to the poor.

    To heal the brokenhearted..

    To proclaim liberty to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind.

    To set at liberty those who are oppressed.

    To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord."

And further:

    That we have "power and authority over all demons; and to cure diseases and to heal the sick."

We, therefore, define our ministry to include:

    An aggressive approach to worldwide evangelism in obedience with the word of God, the `Great Commission', beginning with our own household and local church; and then to the uttermost parts of the world.

    To provide or assist in the provision of follow-up materials for all new believers.

    To assist the new believer to become involved and fellowship in a local church or assembly.

    To trust in God's healing for all who ask and to cast out demons.

    To raise up spiritual leaders wherever we preach and to assist in their training as spiritual parents.

    To teach Biblical precepts and provide teaching materials including Bibles, hymnals, song books, and, other `tools' in their language and translation of choice.


GVEA exists to take the message of Christ to all we can, using every prudent means available.


I was laying in my bed along side my wife when it happened.

A bright light filled the room, so I was told later, and I sat up straight in my bed and began speaking in a language that was not familiar to my wife. This went on for over two hours; me talking and listening and weeping and praising God.

Let me tell you more.

It was God paying me a personal visit in my room. What Sandra was hearing, in that unknown language, was only my side of the conversation.

What she did not hear was what I was hearing.

He spoke of His great love for me and for the world, and how He weeps for the lost and dying. He reminded me of how His hand has been upon my life from before the beginning of creation and we spoke of the time that He called me to be a preacher and later an evangelist. He showed me that His anointing was upon my life and His blessing covered me.

And then He asked these familiar questions:"Jim, do you love Me?" `Yes Lord, You know I love You.' "Then feed my sheep." Yes Lord. "Jim, do you really love Me?" `O Lord, You know I really love You!' "Then seek out the lost and dying, and feed my sheep." `Yes Lord, yes!' "Jim, do you really love me?" `O Lord, you know that I love you more then anyone or anything else!' Then go into the world and speak all of the things that I will tell you and put in your mouth, and feed my sheep." `Yes Lord!'

He wasn't through though. He asked me, "What is it that you would have Me do for you?" `I just ask for Your anointing Father.' "I will give you a double blessing of both my mantel and anointing. Open your mouth that I might touch your tongue and your lips, and bow your head that I might place my mantel upon you; and then go where I send you."

God's Vision Evangelistic Association was born that night in my soul and heart.

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