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Community of Emmanuel - Anglican, • Postfach 7149, Luzern 7, LU, CH 6000 • Switzerland • + 41 41 2607502/see/charmin/CM06618

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Be Doers, not only Hearers of the Word

We aim to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in Word and Deed to reach out the people in need, irrespective of their social, cultural, religious and racial background as a loving community, seeking transformation of life, commitment to love and serve God by practical living.

Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge

Pastoral Care and Counselling to Minorities (Refugees, Tourists, Lonley people),Sunday Worship Services, Seminars and Courses in Church History (Oriental Churches,Reformation & Ecumenics), World Religions, Christian Apologetics, Christian Ashrams (Retreats)in Europe and East Africa, Discipleship and Bible Study programmes, Serving people for wholeness. WE PROVIDE INTERCULTURAL STUDIES with FIELD WORK / TRAINING FOR TEACHERS, DOCTORS, NURSES, THEOLOGICAL STUDENTS AND OTHERS IN EAST AFRICA ATTACHED TO CHRISTIAN CHURCHES AND ORGANISATIONS.We request your prayers and support for our ministry. SUNDAY WORSHIP: COMMUNITY OF EMMANUEL: 10.00 a.m. BAPTISMS, WEDDINGS AND OTHER SACRAMENTAL RITES ON REQUEST. Contact: Rev. Canon Dr. Zech Schariah

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