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D.Q. Watson Ministries

3403 W. MAXWELL ST., • PENSACOLA, FL 32505 • United States • 850-432-3715/see/charmin/CM06075

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A young man doing the work of the lord.

Prohet Dontell Watson was born in the ear of 1984 exactly 17 yrs ago he grew up in Pensacola'Florida in a area were drug's, rape, teen pregnacy wer at a all time high Prohet Watson even in the midst of these thing's h had his mind set on thing's above inspite of being born into a family know notoriously throughout florida for heavy drugringing he accepted the lord at the age of 7yrs old and being to pursue a his ministry in the same year exactly ten years ago, he has been through hell and high water but through it all his message has remained the same. At a tender but ripe age the Prophet now minister's the word of the lord on many platform's and various stages throughout this land He has and continue's to provide encouragement, instruction, and applied information to the young as well as the old in the body of christ. He is also the founder of the organization know as Young L.I.O.N.s (Young Leaders in our nation), it is a organization that bring's young people such as Prohet Watson together in a godly felloship for the sake of strenthening them and informing them and making them ready unto every good and perfect work of the lord.Young L.I.O.Ns has a yearly conference and fellowship banquet Young L.I.O.Ns has aproxitmately 396 member's. Prohet Watson is a mutitalented and multiphaceted annointed and unique individual who is bridging the gap between the young and the old,when asked what his overall objective is he can be qouted "my goal is to present Jesus to every creed and every culture Basically to offer christ to the world".........Sister Jackie Daniels

If you call we will come

D.Q.Watson Ministries is available for revival's,seminar's,conferences and summit's. we can be reached at BISH9803@BELLSOUTH.NET as well as 850-432-3715 and please send all prayer request to thee above email address......and remember if you call us we will come..god bless you

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