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College Workshop of the National Baptist Congress

Dr. Lawrence A. Ragland, Director, P.O.Box 7401 • Jackson, TN 38302-0401 • United States • (731)642-8828/see/charmin/CM06062

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History and Purpose of the College Workshop

The College Workshop was started in Little Rock,Arkansas in 1971. The result were after trouble and unrest at Kent State College in Kent,Ohio. At the time college students felt neglected by the National Baptist Convention. At first it was a independed workshop, then it was moved to the Youth Division and then to the College Ministry and Young Adult Division. The College Workshop is now apart of the Youth Development Department.
The workshop has a history of reaching and impacting the lives of college students. Each year hundreds of college student attend the National Baptist Congress. At the workshop students come together for fellowship, friendship and inspiration. By attending the workshop a bond is developed between the staff and student. The bond is created through morning devotions,lecturers,daily topics and choir rehearsal.The highlight of the week is The College Hour. Its purpose is to feature the college students. To give the students an opportunity to express themselves through testimonies and music.

Dr. Oscar Chapple served as the first director and he served faithfully for 23 years from 1971 to 1994.

Dr. Chris Jackson served 7 dedicated years from 1994-2000.

Dr. George Waddles, Dean of the National Baptist Congress USA of Chicago,IL. appointed Rev. Lawrence Ragland of Tennessee as the Director of the College Workshop in April 2001. He bring over 23 years in ministry with college students to this national position. His goal is to increase the attendance of college students at the National Baptist Congress. He has written many articles on college ministry.

In January 2007 Pastor Ragland was appointed Tennessee Coordinator for the National Baptist Student Union Retreat by Dr. Percy Chase, National Director of Durham,NC. His primary responsibility will be to help increase the presence of Tennessee Colleges & Universities at the National Retreat in the Spring of each year. The next National Retreat will be March 19-21,2009 in memphis,TN. This will be the 64th National Retreat and this year theme is Christ: "My Strength and my Redeemer" Psalm 29:11 & I Peter 1:18-19. All events will be held at the Holiday Inn Select 2240 Democrat Rd. Memphis,TN. 901.332.1130. The fee for the retreat is $65.00 each. For additional information visit the retreat website at

About Rev. Lawrence Ragland, he was educated at Milan (TN) High School and received a Honorable Discharge from the United States Marines. He holds a Associate Degree from Jackson State Community College Jackson,TN; Bachelor of Science Degree from Union University Jackson,TN; Certificate in Christian Education from American Baptist College Extension Jackson,TN; Master of Divinty Degree from Andersonville Baptist Seminary Camille,GA; Honorary Doctorate of Divinity St. Thomas Christian College Jacksonville,FL; Candidate Doctorate of Ministry at Andersonville Seminary. He has received many honors and awards. A christian gentlemen who loves the Lord by his life style. His motto is " The power of change come from many,but only when the many become one". He is the Pastor of Progressive Baptist church in Paris,TN

Other staff members are: Dr. Toni Wheatley (IN) Coordinator
Sis.Hattie Jackson(MD) Instructor
Rev. Oliver Hill(SC) Instructor
TBA Instructor
Rev. John Hart (TX) Instructor
Sis. Lynn Butler (LA) Music Instructor

additional staff will be added.

The next College Workshop will meet June 22-26,2009 in Detroit,MI

Announcing Back to School Programs:
The purpose is about affirming our commitment to support our kids in their quest for academic achievement. Education is more than job training, it is a commitment to excellence that shapes a child's future opportunities and possibilities. The program is a platform to urge parents and students to adopt a 5 point pledge.

1. Parents must take their children to school, meet their children teachers and exchange phone numbers.
2. Review children homework,test scores and pick up their report cards each semester.
3. Parents turn off the TV for three hours each night.Students are to study for three hours each school night.
4. Students must strive for moral and academic excellence and do not consume drugs or carry a gun.Break the code of silence to stop violence.
5.Students choose life and give peace a chance.
This goes beyond the classroom- we are responsible for enabling our kids to become mature, responsible, educated, productive, proactive members of society.
For additional information email or call Rev. Ragland.

Ideas for Churches to Reach College Students

Pastor Ragland knows the importance of reaching college students. He shares the following information.
1.Establish a College Student Coordinator/Campus Ministry Committee.
2.Provide a Bus/Van Ministry to your local campus.
3.Student lunch program on Sunday afternoon or Wednesday evening.
4.Encourage your students to join the Baptist Student Union.
5.Adopt a student.
6.Put the BSU in your budget.
7.Promote the National BSU Retreat. visit
8.Develop a church newsletter.
9.Develop a church brochure for your campus.
10.Send them to the National Baptist Congress.(3rd week in June)
11.Have Student Day at Christmas.(last Sunday in December)
12.Hold College "Send Off: Day. (late August)
For additional infomation on Reaching College and University Students email to the above address.

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