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This Order was first originated in England. This Order accepts membership from Lay Ministers and Clergy who are willing and still serving Christ in a hurting world. In the United States, Bishop V. V. Lukose is the Abbot Bishop who is authorized to install members and give them guidance. Our founding Abbott, beloved Bishop Compton-Caputo has gone to be with Lord this August 15, 2002 AD. Our members are either Chaplains, Clergy, Visiting Pastors, and Deacons/Deaconesses. A member who feels the call and urgency to help the hurting and those in need of physical or spiritual aid is welcome. We have members in Africa, Fiji Island, India and America serving through our American office. For membership and written information kindly e-mail us. One of our Chaplains or the Director of the Order will assist you. Remember You are helping someone by the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that you will be mightily rewarded for helping others. God bless you. The Order rejoices in the consecration in India of our dear Bishop Lukose. Bishop Lukose has served the people well and we know he will continue to do so. We thank God for his service in the Lord's name. Rejoice in the Lord! We ask prayers for our beloved brother in Christ, Deacon James Theophilus, who is grievously ill. May his health be returned to him to the glory of God. We ask prayers for dear Rosemary Lukose who has undergone major surgery. We ask that God continue in the healing of our beloved sister in Christ and give her and her dear husband the strength to carry her through the time ahead. Truly God is good! This season, commonly called the "long green season," is time we are given to explore and to rejoice in the three-in-one nature of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our readings throughout this season tell stories of his ministry and teachings, giving us time to reflect on his goodness and strength.


Bishop Peter Compton-Caputo, Ph.D,STD, D.D.OSR (FOUNDER) Deaconess Catherine Compton-Caputo, Spiritual Advisor, Chaplain and Membership Co-ordinator, Rt.Rev.Dr.V.Lukose, Dean of the Order. Bishop Lukose's consecration took place in India on January 18, 2002. He is a family friend of the Caputo's and fellow servant and member of the same Order. He is married to Rosemary RN.,MSN. Bishop Lukose was ordained Priest in 1982 and for the last ten years has been the Rector of the Anglican Church of India in Philadelphia, PA. Pennsylvania Chaplain and prayer coordinator.

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