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Did you know that at any one time, there are as many as 100,000 Children in England & Wales who have a parent or both in prison? Can you imagine the traumatic experience by these children, and the heartache of not being able to spend Holidays and Birthdays and Christmas with their parents, this is amplified at Christmas, when all their friends our receiving their Christmas presents from their parents, some will not receive none, especially those of parents in prison. The parents in prison our often without finances and may be filled with remorse for what they have done and particularly for the heartache and hardship they have caused their children, the children are as much victims of crime as the actual victims. Well all is not lost, because Prison Fellowship has a scheme to provide presents for the children, this is called Angel Tree. The scheme is to provide a new toy at Christmas for children of men and women in our local area.The cost is enormous and Prison Fellowship is a charity and therefore, we have to raise our own funds. We like to send out toys to the value of 7/8 to include postage & package; the toys go as from mum and dad, no mention of the charity, The prisoner is allowed to put a short greeting with the present. We would appreciate it is your church or organisation or individual, would consider helping us in some way by providing funds, also what is required is wrapping paper, parcel tape,labels. If you decide to support us, any cheques should be made out to : Prison Fellowship Angel Tree (Deal) Thank you For more information contact me on the address at top of web page or via my e.mail address

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