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Fishers Of Real Men (FORM)

3609 Field Stone, • Carrollton, TX 75007 • United States • 972-492-6774/see/charmin/CM05764

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About Us

The purpose of behind this organization represents the following: The Gospel mention Christ's use of a boat more than 45 times; it was His most practical tool of ministry. He preached from them, traveled in them and slept in them. Perhaps Christ chose fishermen, at least in part, because He needed transportation. And of all the men in the cove, Christ must have seen in these particular men a generous, sharing spirit. Jesus seeks men who love Him with all-out, unadulterated passion, who will dive out of boats and swim or walk-whatever! -to His side. OUR MISSION To expose the myths and substitutes of manliness and address not only your character, but also the full range of needs and concerns including marriage, finances, friendships, successes, failures, parenting, and spirituality. OUR VISION Spiritual - To proclaim the love of Jesus to the lost, captive and the forgotten by demonstrating compassion, brotherly love, humble and courteous for one another knowing that we all were called to do this. Practical - To help build and edify men to serve the Lord by preaching the Good News to every person. OUR OBJECTIVES Relationships Build relationships with the members of the group and encourage group members to build relationships with one another. We unconditionally accept each other and prayerfully support one another. Ministry Participation Encourage members to support and participate in Church-wide ministries and outreach activities. Evangelism Invite other men to home fellowship meetings including family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Discipleship To take a stand and sense that God is speaking His vision for the Church body through our pastor to train and equip men to fulfill the Great Commission. Multiplication The maximum size of each group should not exceed 10 members. Once a group has reached this maximum, a new group should be developed.

Agenda & Schedule of Meetings

Typical Meeting Agenda BUSINESS: A brief time for announcements or other business. OPENING SONGS: A theme song and 2-3 other songs PRAISE: The men are led in an expression of praise to the Lord SPONTANEOUS WITNESS: Members describe the Lord's action in their lives through work, family and friends as well as answers to prayers. SCRIPTURE: A team member reads short passages in support of the discussion theme. Comments on the readings are encouraged. DISCUSSION: Comments are "drawn out" relating to the theme. PRAYER AND SPECIAL INTERCESSIONS: All are encouraged to express praise, glory and gratitude to the Lord and/or request intercessions for their needs and concerns. CLOSING PRAYER: A "summary " prayer. FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP: Each man will alternate according to a schedule to bring a finger food of their choice to the meetings. Themes for 2001 January - A Man and His Prayer Life July - Men Of Integrity February - Time In God's Word/Outreach August - Men Of Commitment/Outreach March - Men Of Worship September - Men Of Faith April - The Servant's Heart/Outreach October - Men's Retreat/Outreach May - Obedience To God November - Men Of Compassion June - Building Friendships/Outreach December - Men Of Wisdom/Outreach Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. For more information contact Toby Bostic at 972-492-6774

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