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                      AN APPEAL
#123/1, Sector 55, Chandigarh, Punjab, PIN 160055,

Pastor C.V. Jagan Mohan
Dear brother and sister in Christ,
I bring you greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  It is
my great pleasure and privilege to share with you today what the Lord has done
and is doing in the Apostolic Christian Assembly Chandigarh Ministry. 
According to Romans 4:21, "[I am] fully persuaded, that what [God] has
promised, He is able also to perform." My wife Indrani and I was called by God
to go into full-time ministry in 1993. In following the  directions given in
Joshua 1:7 " turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that thou
mayest proper
withersoever thou goest," we spent a few days sitting at the feet of Jesus
waiting on His guidance as to the next step in His Divine Plan.

After tarrying in His presence for a while, He led us to a village called
Maloya.  This village had never heard the Gospel before.  It is 15 kilometres
away from Chandigarh where we live.  We had no means of
transportation and had to walk the distance back and forth with our young son
who was only one year old at the time..  We drew strength from Joshua 1:3-6
when the Lord told Joshua, "Every place that the sole of
your foot will tread upon that I have given to you, as I promised to Moses.. 
There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life:
I will be with thee, I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.   Be strong and
of a good courage ." 
From the beginning the persecution and ridicule was severe and painful as we
walked the village distributing tracts.  The villagers would ask us unlearned
questions like, "Where is this Jesus Christ who you are introducing us too?" 
Compassion for the
unsaved filled our hearts as we went into prayer and fasting for the
villagers.  After a period of four months, a family who had been troubled by
demonic possession and disease gave their heart to the Lord. 
Through this miracle, several other families gave their hearts to the Lord.
Yet the persecution continues even today.

The population of Maloya is approximately 30,000. From this village came the
terrorist who assassinated Indira Gandhi a former president of India.   The
village is on the borders of Punjab and provides a hideout for terrorists. 
Pastors are continually warned not to enter into this demonic territory.  
villagers are mainly Sikhs and Muslims.   There are no Christians in this
village.  Besides the differences in religious beliefs, there is also the
threat of skin-colour.

Yet, the Lord in His mercy and grace has 
seen it fit to establish His ministry in the midst of Satan's hideout and to
use us for His honour and His glory. 
There are more than 200 children in this village and every June we have been
able to conduct a Vacation Bible School.  Even in this, we have had to fight
the good fight of faith to continue steadfastly in the direction God is
leading us in.  The parents are very
poor, They are either labourers by profession or prostitutes and there is no
financial remuneration for the upkeep of this center.
Also, we have been able to establish worship centres at four locations in the
village of Maloya. These centres are carried on by believers who have given
their hearts to the Lord. Most importantly, though, God's Word is being
established in a kingdom of darkness where no light had ever shined before. 
Hence, the reason why we need sponsors for full-time ministers of the Gospel
to carry the work deeper into the darkness and to appropriate the  entire
vineyard for the honour and glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Since we have entered the Maloya village, we have had to shift our church
every six months because the villages are reluctant to hire their homes to us
for worship.   Even though we are able to obtain a place to rent, so far we
have been unable to accommodate
everyone inside the building.  Many have had to stand outside in extreme
conditions especially in the winter and the summer seasons.  Our congregation
is from a poor economic background and they all come from religious
backgrounds so there is a lot of work to be done in order for the people to
effectively administer the Word of God to their lives and to see the Word
bringing forth a harvest. 
The rent we are paying now is Rs. 3000 which is equivalent to $75.00.  This
may seem to be a littlebit to others, but in India it is a small fortune to
us.  Right now we are in the process of buying a piece of land to build a
church.  However, the price of the property is valued at $26,667.00 and so far
we have only collected $2200.00.  We are prayerfully asking if you can plant a
seed of $25.00 or more towards the purchase of our property.  We need about
1067 people to plant seeds in our ministry so that the people in India can
stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ had set them free, so that they can
come out from under the yoke of bondage that Satan has tied them down with
over the years.  People in India are
suffering badly and they need the love of God in their hearts.  They need a
peace that passeth all understanding.  They need a joy that is unspeakable and
full of glory.  They need to experience the freedom and liberty which comes to
all those who have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives.   They need to
have a house in which to worship in so they can be strengthened through the
arms of fellowship with each other.   They need to know that you care,  and by
giving them a house in which to worship will be a sign
to them that believers around the world is keeping them in the arms of

Pastor Jagan Mohan  worked as Project Manager under World Vision in Dehra Dun
in the state of Utter Pradesh.  He was promoted as Coordinator and transferred
to Chandigarh when the Lord spoke to him in 1993.

His wife, Indrani Daisy Mohan was an orthodox Brahim  worshipping idols and
images before she accepted the Lord.   She used to suffer with agonizing
headaches  that had the medical profession baffled. Her there, a doctor by
profession offered the help he could, but the headaches persisted. She loved
to read and one day while looking for books in her father's library came
across a very old copy of the New Testament.  On  reading the book of the
gospel of Matthew she wanted to know if Christ is the true God, she
wanted Him to tell her so. 
One day, an old couple from Tamil Nadu who spoke Tamil came to our house. 
While they were sharing the gospel with her father, she joined in the
conversation and accepted Jesus as her Saviour.  She was instantly illed with
the Holy Ghost.  Jesus told her daughter,your sins are forgiven."  Her
incurable headaches vanished instantly.  The peace that she was longing for
was overflowing from her heart.   During the years she has been able to
witness to her brothers and parents about the Lord and the Lord spoke to her
in 1993 to go out and reap the harvest with me. if you have any question
please feel free to write or come and visit us.

If the Lord led you to contribute $ 25  please follow the account no. 180168,
indusind bank Chandigarh name of the  account C.V.JAGAN MOHAN
NOTE:we`ll be sending receipt of every donation by the name of apostolic
christian assembly chandigarh ministry.

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