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Parenting In His Image

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WHAT PARENTS NEED TO PROVIDE...NOT SUBMIT TO. During the last four to five decades, many unproven parenting 'techniques' touted by their inventors (the child 'experts') have, in our opinion, contributed to children growing up to be disagreeable and unpleasant with more and more of them having behaviorial or emotional problems. Much of their 'advice' has been based on their own biases and subjective views. We have come to realize that whenever our parenting is truly effective, we are actually parenting in a style that is tried and true; a style based on the belief that when God gave us the beautiful gift of children, He also gave us the awesome responsibility of loving them. We understand that loving them is not a mere feeling, rather it is a decision to do for them whatever God wills us to do. If we are wise, we will know that this means a gentle and firm guidance that includes not only numerous hugs and praise, but also admonishment and also, when necessary, strict yet age-appropriate punishment. "Parenting in His Image" is for parents (grandparents, too!) of all ages with children from infancy through adulthood. It is dedicated to the goal of helping parents raise loving, responsible children of God who are an asset to His people rather than a hindrance. This goal includes helping parents of adults of any age continue to develope their relationships with them in a Godly manner so that they may be examples to their children throughout their lives. If this is what you would like to start doing now; if you realize that in spite of all the advice from 'experts', your gut instinct is telling you that something is just not right, and what you really want to do is share some real, down-to-earth talk about what it takes to raise up children in His image, then you are in the right place. Please join us!

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